“He has been here four years, and we never realised he was capable of what he is now doing”


Collingwood provides the experience to generate appropriate processes and organisational structures that allow client companies to exploit technology and process breakthroughs.

A company can find itself with entirely inappropriate processes and organisational structure due new technology development, or change in market conditions. Collingwood “presses the reset button” so that clients are left with appropriate processes and skills necessary to sustain and exploit their new commercial situation.

Example projects

International Software Group
The company was an international software group and was one of the first to develop print management software. The firm had started off as a hardware firm and the task was to morph the company from being a typical hardware firm to becoming a leading edge software firm. When I joined the organisational problems had moved the company into heavy losses, but within six months the firm was generating cash. With international expansion and a possible float in mind; I raised £4m PE funding. Ultimately the firm grew to £10m t/o and was sold to Bottomline Technologies.

Post Production Hardware/Software Firm
The firm was a start up run by three engineers who developed an innovative postproduction product with worldwide appeal. There ensued a period of rapid growth, and the firm needed processes and structure both to sustain exceptional growth and also to attract international attention from likely purchasers. The firm developed the necessary routines and structure and was sold to an international corporation.

Hospitality Systems Developer
The company was one of the first to enter the hospitality systems market and had grown from zero to £15m turnover in eleven years. Notwithstanding a full order book the firm never shipped over £15m in a year. Collingwood implemented Just in Time manufacturing and thereby increased volumes to £20m t/o with no increase in resources. The Company was sold to Micro Systems.
Figures in £'k
Year 1 Year 2
Sales 12,407 19,517
Pre Tax on ord. 2,448 3,645

Where possible, and in most cases, Collingwood quotes public, verifiable information about the performance of its projects. We quote sales and pre tax profit figures from statutory accounts, and record when Collingwood joined and when Collingwood left. So no hearsay, no opinion, no “on the other hand”: facts, numbers you can trust.

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