“We tried that for ages, but only when we did it Aidan’s way did it work properly”


Collingwood Management (Collingwood) is a results-based consultancy that helps client firms grow. Working with client management, Collingwood develops simple, bespoke, easy to use processes that help client companies thrive.

As firms grow and sectors mature, processes and organisational structure can become complex and confused. It pays handsomely to re-focus on what really matters, to have easy to manage procedures and to give staff clear KPIs.

Collingwood is judged on how its clients perform.

This is shown up in the statutory accounts of client firms, and the changes Collingwood brings over the duration of a project. Unlike other consultancy companies, Collingwood deals in facts, not opinions.

Not all Collingwood clients progress to business sales or mergers, but when they do, the results are exceptional.

Since forming over 20 years ago, Collingwood has helped dozens of companies achieve step changes in growth and profitability. Results speak for themselves.

Get in touch to see how Collingwood can help you achieve your business goals.

Where possible, and in most cases, Collingwood quotes public, verifiable information about the performance of its projects. We quote sales and pre tax profit figures from statutory accounts, and record when Collingwood joined and when Collingwood left. So no hearsay, no opinion, no “on the other hand”: facts, numbers you can trust.

Contact Collingwood Management at a.condie@collingwoodmanagement.co.uk
or call 07710 376746