“I have been looking for a sales manager for years, then Aidan pointed out that I had been working 10 feet away from the ideal candidate”


Collingwood provides local managerial support for subsidiaries of overseas corporates wanting to grow in the UK and Europe.

The group has the product, there is most definitely a market, but for some reason the UK or European subsidiary is not expanding the way it should. Collingwood can help the group gets its European and UK subsidiaries working by:

  • Developing its processes to increase throughput
  • Develop customer and supplier relations giving the subsidiary a stable base
  • Build a lean but effective organisation with the skills needed to grow

Example projects

UK Subsidiary of Worldwide Electronics Group
The client was a £6m t/o electronic components manufacturer and part of a 34-company international group. The company had made losses and had failed to generate the necessary throughput during its seven year life. By implementing Just in Time manufacturing, re-organising the shop floor and logistics functions the firm increased turnover to £15m (£29m the year after my leaving) and moved into profit.
Figures in £'k
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sales 5,935 15,217 29,110

European Subsidiary of Worldwide OEM
One of the world’s largest computer components manufacturers had seen growth stall due to its European operation. During a two-year assignment as EMEA director, margins and customer service levels improved so that European profitability increased and EMEA grew from $130m t/o to $240m t/o in two years. The business was promptly sold.

International Distribution Group
The chemical giants and customers of this NVOCC had adopted global production strategies but the Company’s logistics systems were incapable of handling the increased volume and scope. The development and implementation of new logistics procedures and an upgrade of its commercial strategy helped the company resume growth ($8m to $24m in three years) and move from over $1m pa loss to $650k profit.

Where possible, and in most cases, Collingwood quotes public, verifiable information about the performance of its projects. We quote sales and pre tax profit figures from statutory accounts, and record when Collingwood joined and when Collingwood left. So no hearsay, no opinion, no “on the other hand”: facts, numbers you can trust.

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