Collingwood Management (Collingwood) is a results-based consultancy working with ambitious clients who have a growth agenda. Collingwood clients are ambitious, successful companies that want to grow faster.

Collingwood helps its clients achieve this by:

  • Implementing scalable processes that increase throughput and reduce waste
  • Developing simple organisational structures and corporate skills that can handle larger volumes

Do you want to grow?
Collingwood develops operational and commercial processes and skills that result in step changes in profitability and size.

Might you want to sell or float the business within the next few years?
Collingwood creates an organisation that performs, looks and feels like the intended purchaser’s ideal birthday present.

Do you have a new technology or process that you want to exploit?
Collingwood provides the experience to generate appropriate processes and organisational structures that allow client companies to exploit technology and process breakthroughs.

Are you trying to establish or develop a business or subsidiary in the UK?
Collingwood provides local managerial support for subsidiaries of overseas corporates wanting to grow in the UK and Europe

Where possible, and in most cases, Collingwood quotes public, verifiable information about the performance of its projects. We quote sales and pre tax profit figures from statutory accounts, and record when Collingwood joined and when Collingwood left. So no hearsay, no opinion, no “on the other hand”: facts, numbers you can trust.

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